Surgical light Illumination design

With ever-increasing efficiency and light output of the LED, intelligent illumination design is significant to completely utilize and shape the output of the light source.

Illumination designs not only improve the efficiency but also reduces system dimensions, and increases the quality of lighting in terms of color temperature, color rendering and homogeneity.

Surgical lights, on contrary to ordinary lights, are smart illumination systems composed of several lighting heads which produces homogenized light beam of high color rendering ability. Higher color rendering is required as the different shades of red from different tissues are otherwise distinguishable. These surgical illumination system are being designed at the Institute for technical optics in cooperation with our industrial partner SIMEON Medical.

To design and model the illumination system we employ various approaches including design and optimization via point source, freeform optics design, and simultaneous multiple surface (SMS) methods. Special attention needs to be paid to color mixing, where different mixing schemes, like arrays or mixing rods are considered.  







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