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Institut f. Technische Optik
Universität Stuttgart
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The measurement of wavefronts is necessary for many tasks in the field of adaptive optics, alignment and optical testing. Most often, Shack-Hartmann sensors (SHS) are employed.  In the past we extended conventional SHS towards dynamic/adaptive SHS sensing, holographic SHS and scene-based dynamic SHS. We also investigated SHS in combination with other sensor principles. Currently we work on the improvement of dynamic range and measurement uncertainty using a holographic SHS approach.

For adaptive optics applications where high speed at low cost is desired we focus on holographic modal wavefront sensing. The modes can be conventional Zernike modes or other modes that are optimum for a given application (e.g. eigenmodes of a membrane mirror).

Current Project: DFG Holographic-based Zernike modal wavefront sensing


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