Illumination systems for biomedical applications


Complex micro 3D printed illumination systems for biomedical applications.

The goal of this research project is to take a first systematic step towards the vision of holistic control of the light field using 3D-printed micro-optics. The project will both develop and investigate new methods for the general extension of the illumination toolbox and concretely realize two novel measurement methods and demonstrate them on real metrological applications in the field of biomedical hyperspectral sensing and 3D metrology. Specifically, it is planned to implement a micro-optical color mixing system, the complete integration of extended light sources with individual apertures and temporally controllable illumination elements. These building blocks are to be applied in holistic micro-optical measurement systems, firstly on the basis of correlation spectroscopy with tailored spectra for tissue differentiation or oxygen concentration measurement, and secondly in ultra-compact light sheet microscopy (funded by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation).


This image shows Andrea Toulouse

Andrea Toulouse


Group leader 3D-printed Microoptics and Simulation

This image shows Felix Fischer

Felix Fischer


Research Assistant

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