Institut für Technische Optik

Ein Institut der Fakultät 7 (Maschinenbau) der Universität Stuttgart

Group fotograph of the Institut members

The "Institut für Technische Optik" (ITO) is part of the faculty for construction, production and automotive engineering  of the University of Stuttgart. Traditionally the ITO represents the field of technical optics in research and teaching. In the center of its competence lie topics of application-oriented fundamental research, which is mostly done in cooperation with partners of national and international research facilities as well as with industrial companies. Our research focus aims mainly at the exploration of new principles in optical metrology and the optical systems design in the natural, engineering, arts and life sciences. Current projects deal with topics of:

  • Model based metrology
  • Improvement of the resolution of optical sensors
  • Multi-scale- and multi-modal cooperation of sensors (sensor fusion)
  • Computational imaging
  • Hybrid optics
  • Virtual research infrastructures (Virtual/Remote Laboratories)

In the process modern optical components and strategies are applied, their interaction signified through the combination of physical modelling, computational simulation and active-feedback measurements. The employees of the institute are divided into six collaborative research groups. A glimpse into their research foci as well as the current projects can be found here. Open doors, group spanning projects and a tradition of efficient knowledge exchange between groups preserve the structure of the ITO as a living, constantly evolving organism.

If you are interested further in the history and future of the ITO we recommend the brochure for our 50 year anniversary (only german) and the current publications.

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