Institute of Applied Optics (ITO)

An Institute of Faculty 7 (Mechanical Engineering) of the University of Stuttgart

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We focus on topics of application-oriented fundamental research in optics, which is mostly in cooperation with partners of national and international research facilities as well as with industrial companies. [more]

Fields of research

3DOThe 3D Surface Metrology group is dealing with sensors for the assessment of the shape of three-dimensional objects and surface topography.


3DOThe High-Resolution Measurement and Simulation group investigates and develops optical measurement techniques that allow high-precision measurements in the subwavelength domain.


3DOThe Interferometry and Diffractive Elements group studies new measurement concepts by using diffractive optics.


3DOThe Coherent Optical Techniques group develops and applies coherent technology for 3D-shape measurement, deformation measurement, and the determination of material properties of technical objects and biological tissue.


3DOThe research focus of the group 3D-printed Microoptics and Simulation group is the development of novel tools for simulation and optimization, and the design of innovative complex optical systems for industrial or medical purposes.



Institut of Applied Optics

Pfaffenwaldring 9, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

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