3D Surface Metrology

The group of 3D Surface Metrology is dealing with sensors for the assessment of the shape of three-dimensional objects.

The core competencies reach from design of optical systems and the development of specialized signal processing algorithms all the way to questions concerning the automated planning of measurements and the integration of sensors into multi modal and multi scale measurement strategies. For this purpose various commercially available simulation tools are routinely applied for the characterization and optimization of sensor systems. These simulation tools are supplemented by custom build extensions or in house developed simulation tools wherever necessary. All measurement systems and the respective signal processing algorithms are developed within an Open-Source software environment that is being developed at the institute, thereby guaranteeing industry ready prototypes.

The main focus of research activity in the group has been devoted to confocal sensors, white light interferometry, structured illumination techniques as well as to optical coherence tomography for the assessment of the three dimensional structure of biological specimen

Group leader

This image shows Tobias Haist

Tobias Haist


Group leader 3D Surface Metrology

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