Finished Projects

This page provides an overview on finished topics and projects of the "High Resolution Metrology and Simulation" group.


Optical Metamaterials for Metrology Applications (OPTIM)

Since Abbe it's well known that the resolution of a microscope is limited by diffraction. Due to this limitation conventional optical methods are hardly applicable for nanostructured surfaces that have become standard in semiconductor industry. [more]


Metamaterials for Optical and Photonic Applications in Space

The proposed polarization scrambler consists of spatially distributed metallic meander structures with random angular orientations. We describe the polarization properties of meander structures or meander stacks with the Mueller matrix. [more]

Development of functional sub-100 nm structures with 3D-Two-Photon-Polymerisation-Technique and optical methods for characterization (DFG)

Design and Fabrication of Near- to Far-Field Transformers by Sub-100 nm Two-Photon-Polymerization (DFG)

Group Leader

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Karsten Frenner


Group leader High Resolution Metrology and Simulation

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