Current Projects

This page provides an overview on current topics and projects of the "High Resolution Metrology and Simulation" group.


ClearView 3D

Autonomously driven cars need a bunch of sensors to make them robust against many possible street scenarios. In adverse weather conditions especially, state-of-the-art sensors show a very limited performance. The approach in ClearView 3D is based on compressed sensing. [more]


Machine Vision with Single Pixel Camera and Deep Learning based Signal Processing

Making a machine aware of its environment by leveraging optical metrology – Machine Vision – is a very active research area in light of the continued push for autonomy in technical systems. Within this research project, we developed a novel approach to Machine Vision. [more]


Speckle Simulator

A speckle simulator was developed in our group to perform electromagnetic analysis of general metallic and dielectric structures of arbitrary shape rigorously based on boundary element method. To solve electrical large problems, multi-level fast multipole method (MLFMM) is normally employed. For the simulator, it was implemented using an octree data structure. [more]


Tissue Differentiation Using IR Spectroscopy

During the proliferation of tumor cells the proportions of tissue components change which also yields changes in its optical characteristics. Thus the spectra of tumorous and healthy tissue differ and it is possible to distinguish them from one another. [more]


White-light Mueller-matrix Fourier scatterometry

In the framework of a DFG-funded project, the so-called white-light Mueller-matrix Fourier scatterometry was proposed as a novel measurement approach. It combines the well-known techniques of Fourier microscopy, Fourier spectroscopy, and Mueller polarimetry into one apparatus and allows for the measurement of the fully angle- and wavelength resolved Mueller matrix of the sample. [more]

Group Leader

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Karsten Frenner


Group leader High Resolution Metrology and Simulation

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