Professor Dr.-Ing. Stephan Reichelt

Introducing the new Head of Institute at ITO

October 1, 2021 /

After a prolonged interim period, the Institute of Applied Optics is proud to welcome a new head of the institute (formerly Prof. W. Osten). The following is a brief introduction by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Reichelt...

Dr. Stephan Reichelt becomes new Director of the Institute (ITO) and Professor of Applied Optics

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Optics Community, Dear Students

I am very pleased to have the privilege and honor to assume the responsibility for the Institute of Applied Optics (ITO) at the University of Stuttgart with its more than 60 years of tradition and impeccable reputation. I have accepted the Universities’ appointment and will take over the Chair of the Institute and Professorship of Applied Optics (ITO) at Faculty 7: Mechanical Engineering – Faculty of Design, Production Engineering and Automotive Engineering as of October 01, 2021, succeeding Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Osten, who very successfully led the ITO since 2002.

Surely you are curious and want to know how ITO will continue in the future and which fields of research will remain or be newly occupied.

Continuity in the traditional research fields of the ITO (from fundamentals to application, from design to manufacturing, system integration and application) is a matter close to my heart. Optical metrology and sensor technology for industrial and scientific applications, design and simulation, from nano to macro scale and all combined with a strong technology portfolio stand for the ITO – and this will remain that way! Our ambition is to be your first contact when it comes to solving fundamental or application-specific problems in the area of applied optics or optical engineering for which you need a scientific partner. In addition, new exciting fields will emerge, which can be classified under the generic term Digital Reality. New imaging technologies combine digitalization, human-machine interfaces and artificial intelligence for applications in the fields of enterprise and industry 4.0. This requires creative, digital-analog optical designs and system architectures.

I would like to encourage all students with an affinity for optics: Visit our lectures, tutorials and seminars, get excited about the fascinating world of optics, come over to visit the institute and contact me if you are interested in bachelor, master or PhD thesis!

I do not want to miss the chance to thank Prof. Dr. Alois Herkommer and Dr. Tobias Haist very much. Both of them have excellently taken over the leadership and professorship ad interim during the transitional period, which has made my start a lot easier.

I am pleased, curious and excited – and especially looking forward to a good co-operation and personal exchange with all of you!

Yours sincerely,
Stephan Reichelt

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